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New Works Initiative at

Montclair State University

L. Howard Fox Theater

Montclair State University

April 2018

Directed by Wes Grantom

Stage Managed by Victoria Darr

Set Design by Christen Donlon and Emily Frank

Lighting Design by Nick Hawrylko

Costume Design by Ariana Papin-Tarquini

Sound Design by Abigail Martin

Black box space

Yamaha TF5

7 QLab effects channels

21 QLab cues

2 L/R FOH speakers

2 Subwoofers under deck

2 Speakers in catwalk above stage

2 Speakers behind seats in house



Memorial Auditorium

Montclair State University

October 2017

Directed by Matt Williams

Stage Managed by Jessica Schedlbauer

Set Design by Shoko Kambara

Lighting Design by Dan Mackle

Costume Design by Rashida Nelson

Sound Design by Abigail Martin

Sound Effects Design by German Martinez​

Entire re-design of House System

Yamaha TF5

10 QLab effects channels

22 Wireless Actor Microphones

6 UP-Junior speakers hidden in set

2 JBL speakers hidden in house

7 piece Electric Orchestra


Alexander Kasser Theater,

Montclair State University

February-March 2017

Directed by Mark Hardy

Stage Managed by Jennifer Motta

Set Design by Jess Petino

Lighting Design by Curtis Shields

Costume Design by Samantha La Scala

Sound Design by Abigail Martin

Yamaha CL5

28 RF actor microphones

40 piece orchestra distributed in pit and multiple remote locations in building

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